Monday, January 10, 2011

Remember Yearbooks?

 Ah, the good ol' yearbook.  Something we  can look back on and say, "Did I really wear my hair like that?"  Recently my sister-in-law asked me to design the yearbook for the elementary school she teaches at.  The first thing I thought of was, "Wow they start 'em off early now-a-days, huh?"  The youth of todays America has got it good, first the Internet, then cellphones, social-networking and now yearbooks!  

At-any-rate, the theme was Peace, Love & Learning.  Since I refused to go with the standard tie-dyed approach, this is what I came up with.  It's not really my cup of tea, however if I were a fifth-grader I'd  be pretty excited to have it on my bookshelf to go with all of my other colorful Judy Blume books. 
To me yearbooks are exciting the first five-minutes of having them.  You flip through, see how fat you looked and move on.  I'm hoping that one day when I have kids I'll want to go through them again and show them how awesome I thought I was; yet I'm afraid the initial reaction will probably re-occur.  However, with a cover like this the skies the limit!