Thursday, December 22, 2011

A picture a day.

So since I have little to no time to be truly creative--mostly because I've been stuck in my house being a little Christmas elf, I thought I'd snap one quick pic a day and post it to tumblr.  This is part of my new obsession with instagram and was spawned as a war of who could take better pictures, my husband or myself.  If you say my husband, you're dead to me!  Ha.  Well if you're bored you can flip through my daily life here.  However, I warn you my day to day is probably not as exciting as yours.  Actually I know it isn't, but that's okay too! 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

50 things to do with paint chips!

I love me some paint chips! Anything free and colorful, I'm in.

I actually wanted to make a post about all the things you can do with them, but luckily for me someone beat me to it. Actually there was no race, I was just too lazy to gather it together. So check it out here, 50 things you can do with paint chips. Oh and you can also check out one completely overwhelming yet kinda cool thing I did with paint chips here.

Happy chipping!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's hip to be square

Who in their right mind thought math would ever be fun again? Well, it's currently all the rage, but not as we remember it from high school. Now-a-days it's hard to not spot those lovely basic shapes we all became familiar with in our geometry books, but now they are adorning our necks, walls and clothes! These shapes are like pod people and are starting to take over. Run for your lives! No don't do that better yet run to esty and join the cool kids.

I ha
ve to admit I am all about this current trend. I've never been one for girlie floral prints, and a couple year ago when getting married it was hard to find something that wasn't covered in it! So I say keep on keeping on you lovely geometric shapes... Below are some of my most favorite objects and designs of geometric love.

1. Wrapping Paper: This comes to us from one of the most exciting websites since Design*Sponge, Plenty of Colour. This website is all things color and most things geometric, both of which warm my soul.

2. Poster Design: This one is also from Plenty of Colour, I know I know I'm not being diverse in my choices, but hang with me and we'll get there!

3. Chevron Christmas ornament: While searching for the best felt Christmas ornament to make this year, I ran across this gem. You can pick it up one etsy for twelve bucks, or try and make your own. Note I made one the other night, it's not the quickest process. However, since I need to make about fifteen, I'm too poor to shell out the twelve bucks a pop. Either way, this ornament on any tree would be a win!

4. Triangle necklace: Now this is one etsy object I can't make. But I am absolutely in love with! It's priced at 18 GBP at the current exchange rate (watch right when I post this the rate will have changed) 1 GBP = 1.5 USD. So this necklace would cost you around 27 dollars without shipping. Well worth it if you ask me.

5. Wallpaper: While trying to find something to paint on one of my walls in my office I ran across this and thought it would be perfect! Now if only I could make more hours in the day, or clone myself like a mogwai I'd be all set. Then again I don't know if gremlins could paint such straight triangles.

Or if you have money--unlike myself, you can purchase the wallpaper version from Minakani a studio on Paris.

Last but not least and probably my most favorite...

6. Wooden geometric vase: This one takes the cake. It's on my Christmas wish list. 30 dollars well spent--hint, hint!

So there it is, six ways to be part of the "in" crowd.

...It's hip to be square!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Storage genius!

UPDATE: I have turned my tights storage area into a jewelry/tights storage mecca.  It's becoming so cute I just had to share.  I purchased the hooks at Urban Outfitters on super clearance, like 2 bucks a piece.  They've worked out well for holding all my new necklaces I've accumulated in the last couple months.  I've also started turning old vintage buttons into hair pins and earrings, be on the look out for that DIY post ;-)

Recently my collection of brightly colored tights has grown ten fold, okay not that much but I did go from having about five pairs to now having twelve. That's a lot! With that I was tired of waking up in the morning to have to untangle them out of my sock drawer. Feeling defeated by such a small task, I charged ahead to conquer this life altering problem. The first person I looked to is my role model/secret clothing best friend Kendi of Kendi Everyday. In her "Working Closest" series she talked about organizing your space in order for it to work more for you. I remember seeing her tights all rolled up and color coordinated, pure genius right there! For the longest time I thought the only option for tights was a matted mess in my sock drawer.

Unlike Kendi I don't have the space in my closest for such wonderful storage; damn cute, adorable, yet space hindering cape cod houses! Still feeling defeated about my tight dilemma I did what any normal gal would do and went to the mall. Yes, whenever I am sad, angry, or feel as though my bank account isn't close enough to zero I head to the mall. The mall solves 99% percent of life's problems! While there I discovered what may become my third favorite clothing store--behind J. Crew and Anthro of course! It's called Madewell. I can't say I'm totally sold on their clothes yet, but their jewelry is out of this world--if anyone would like to buy me this necklace for Christmas I will be forever indebted to you.

I walked into the store there is was, a wonderful display for socks, white boxes hung on the wall with the socks rolled up and tucked inside. My life problem not only solved, but also a decorative element for my bonus room, double score! I owe it all to them for helping me solving my tight storage problem. Thank you Madewell, thank you.

So below is the final outcome. All it took was fifteen dollars at Target, a level and rolling up all my matted tights. I can't tell you how much better my life has become because of this. Hope each one of you stumble upon such an easy life altering solution to one of your problems!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I know, I know I'm like so 3 months behind the times! However, you should be impressed that I caught up at all! Below are some of my favorite instagrams I've taken in the last week. Have no fear I won't bore you with the ones of my husband and dog!

I picked up these gems at Anthro for a mere 5 bucks at the end of last Christmas season. They quickly became the love of my Christmas life. Anything "vintage" steals my heart without much effort. Tragically when I walked into the house today I found the teal one laying dead on the floor; the cat had batted it to death. Evil cat!

Here is the tree adorned with the lovely Anthro ornaments. Can you see the teal one? Say a prayer for it tonight, it lived a good short life.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!