Sunday, July 10, 2011


You never know when your mug shot might come back to haunt you!  Recently I checked out Cincinnati's 513 City Flea  in pursuit of the perfect inspirational print to adorn my nearly complete artist studio—note I say nearly with bated breath as this one week project has spiraled into a 6 months ordeal from hell!  Walking up and down the rows nothing was striking my fancy until the last row, last booth, and then I found it! 

It was unique, inspirational (in its own right) and only 12 bucks to boot!  The print is by Larken Design .  I wish I could tell you a lot about Larken and the origin of this print, but sadly I can not.  I can tell you out of all the booths at City Flea they by far were the most welcoming and interactive.  Everyone had the chance to take their own picture for their mug shot contest!  Looking forward to getting this hung and making some rad art in its presence, all the while counting my blessings that I've never had a mug shot come back to haunt me.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pinterest: Like waiting for Christmas!

Oh by gosh by golly!  I haven't been this excited for something since Christmas circa 1985.  As I am writing this I am currently refreshing my yahoo inbox waiting for an "invite" to become a member of a website I stumbled upon today that might rival that of design*sponge.  It's called Pinterest.
Take yourself back to the time when you use to go through all of your favorite magazines, clip-out your favorite stuff: cute boys, clothes, hair-do's, etc. to then plaster them all over your wall and stand back and say "This will one day be my life."  Well some of us are a little bit older now and doing the above may just seem a little bit odd.  While our interests may have shifted from cutting out pictures of cute boys from Teen Beat magazine, our desire to look at things and say "This will one day be my life," hasn't.  Now I can rekindle my old desires to live a make believe life and it be completely acceptable!  While I know I'll never have the hair of Zooey Deschanel, I sure as heck can make that cute bird feeder I just saw.  So please Santa I've been a good girl this year, let me please wake up to an invite to be part of the cool crowd and get my membership to Pinterest!