Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Best of Instagram: December

Well it's been over a month now since I created my tumblr and believe it or not I've actually kept up with it everyday.  I know for most people this seems rather easy, but for me it's all.  So in order to celebrate my great achievement I thought I would make a "best of" post for each month.  At first I thought I'd pick my favorites, but why not let you--as in social media you, be the judge.  Below are the five most "liked/reblogged" posts of the month.  For the first half I didn't know you'd needed tag lines in order for people to find your posts so it took a while for people to catch on, oops.  Thanks for looking and hopefully in a year I'll be able to print off the best-of's and make one of these cool displays out of them.

This was taken at an antique mall near my in-laws during Christmas break.  I love going there with my mother-in-law when we visit for a change of pace from watching football. 

This was also taken during Christmas break near my in-laws in Findlay, Ohio. It's nice since we live in the city to be able to escape to a more country atmosphere.
Carrot cake. YUM!  My husband asked for this for his 29th. birthday.  At first I tried to decorate the top with cute snow flakes, it was a hot mess.  So to cover up my mistake I added crushed pecans and mini-white chocolates.  A yummy cover-up if I might say so myself.
This was after my husband and I stuffed our faces with huge burritos at the Comet.  A wonderful Cincinnati staple with good food and a wonderful beer selection.
This is one of the first instagrams I ever took.  It was taken during a weekend getaway to Indianapolis.  My husband, though a rather hip graphic designer, has a huge soft spot for racing so stopping at the Indy Motor Speedway Museum was a must.

Look forward to an amazing DIY this weekend!

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