Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crafty Supermarket!

This past weekend was the Crafty Supermarket at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center.  When I first found out about it—a mere hour before they opened the doors—I jumped for joy and called every girlfriend I thought would be interested.  It was going to be like esty in real life!  After a very small nudge to my soon-to-be mother-in-law and a reminder from my soon-to-be husband not to spend too much money we were on our way. 

I didn't know what to truly expect.  I had been to "craft" shows long ago with my mother who loved to do tole painting, but this was going to be different.  This was going to be my kind of crafts.  The first vendor we stopped by made handmade books from recycled materials.  It was love after the first page turned...until I flipped the book over and saw the price tag "Gasp, 30 bucks!"  far more than my ten-dollar budget would allow.  Don't get me wrong I fully understand why the 8.5x11" book was priced as such, anything made with such love and care doesn't come cheap.  But I thought to myself I could surely make something like this on my own.  

Here comes the problem, having an art background I found myself looking at each object I touched saying, "I could do that and possibly for much cheaper."  Then I began to notice a pattern, a lot of booths had pretty much the exact same thing as the booth two doors down.  The options were: handmade soap, handmade books, or stuffed owls—when stuffed owls became so popular I don't know.  But take what I say with a grain of salt, I am filled with 110% bias.  I'm like an insider who knows the secrets of the trade and with that I can say that I understand why the price tags for things were as such.  If it were I making some of those things I'd be charging the exact same if not more.  

On an exciting note one booth did stop me in my tracks and cause me to go back and take a second peek.  Lori Brown of The Morninglori Vine handcrafted the most amazing "curiosities" I've ever seen!  These little creators were clever, well crafted and filled with personality.  I wanted all of them!  But alas, as they say "that and a buck will get you a cup of coffee"  ten bucks just doesn't go as far these days!
While I didn't leave the Craft Supermarket with any bags-in-tow, I did see some clever ideas and felt rather inspired to actually begin my own etsy account.  We'll see how it goes until then I might just save my pennies to actually buy my very own "curiosity." 

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