Monday, April 19, 2010


While some may find themselves combing over every word in the
NY Times or Wall Street Journal to stay up on current events, I find myself skipping over such daily reminders on how the world isn't the utopia I wish it could be. When I scour over the Internet I'm usually looking for things that pertain to gardening, art or raising small farm animals such as goats or chickens—but the last part is for another day. It's also rare that I visit a site more than once a week with the exception of one...Design*Sponge.

I ran across the Design*Sponge website about a month ago when looking for ideas for yo-yo pillows—a huge undertaking that I'm now regretting taking on in the first place. The article I found was great, so I thought I'd stick around for awhile and see what the rest of the site had to offer. After two-hours I was hooked! It was everything I had ever looked for in a design website.

After finding out the website was created in 2004 by writer Gracie Bonney, who was once a contributing editor at Domino Magazine, no wonder why I was addicted. I still get teary eyed knowing that magazine is no longer in existence. Along with Ms. Bonney there is a long list of who's who in the design world that contribute to the site addressing topics ranging from diy projects, product reviews, to holistic living.

I find myself checking the site periodically throughout the day to see if one of its 6-10 posts has been published yet. I also become tragically bummed-out when the weekend rolls around knowing no posts will be added until Monday. One night of the evening news and I'm good on current events for the week, ten posts on Design*Sponge in a day and I just can't seem to get enough! Pathetic? Perhaps. Yet it's my way I like to stay "up-to-date."

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