Monday, December 5, 2011

Storage genius!

UPDATE: I have turned my tights storage area into a jewelry/tights storage mecca.  It's becoming so cute I just had to share.  I purchased the hooks at Urban Outfitters on super clearance, like 2 bucks a piece.  They've worked out well for holding all my new necklaces I've accumulated in the last couple months.  I've also started turning old vintage buttons into hair pins and earrings, be on the look out for that DIY post ;-)

Recently my collection of brightly colored tights has grown ten fold, okay not that much but I did go from having about five pairs to now having twelve. That's a lot! With that I was tired of waking up in the morning to have to untangle them out of my sock drawer. Feeling defeated by such a small task, I charged ahead to conquer this life altering problem. The first person I looked to is my role model/secret clothing best friend Kendi of Kendi Everyday. In her "Working Closest" series she talked about organizing your space in order for it to work more for you. I remember seeing her tights all rolled up and color coordinated, pure genius right there! For the longest time I thought the only option for tights was a matted mess in my sock drawer.

Unlike Kendi I don't have the space in my closest for such wonderful storage; damn cute, adorable, yet space hindering cape cod houses! Still feeling defeated about my tight dilemma I did what any normal gal would do and went to the mall. Yes, whenever I am sad, angry, or feel as though my bank account isn't close enough to zero I head to the mall. The mall solves 99% percent of life's problems! While there I discovered what may become my third favorite clothing store--behind J. Crew and Anthro of course! It's called Madewell. I can't say I'm totally sold on their clothes yet, but their jewelry is out of this world--if anyone would like to buy me this necklace for Christmas I will be forever indebted to you.

I walked into the store there is was, a wonderful display for socks, white boxes hung on the wall with the socks rolled up and tucked inside. My life problem not only solved, but also a decorative element for my bonus room, double score! I owe it all to them for helping me solving my tight storage problem. Thank you Madewell, thank you.

So below is the final outcome. All it took was fifteen dollars at Target, a level and rolling up all my matted tights. I can't tell you how much better my life has become because of this. Hope each one of you stumble upon such an easy life altering solution to one of your problems!

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